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Why use a 7 pin J560 trailer plug when you can upgrade to a direct replacment 11 pin trailer plug??

"I Doug Fredrickson owner operator of A-1 Truck Repair have been using The Plug for some time now. Customers like the idea of having one connection. It has been a good fit on dump trucks and log trucks. Some of my customers take an extra set with them when they leave. I think it's a time saver as well as a cost saver''.

 "The O’Neil plug has allowed us to ease the coupling and uncoupling process, with an easy retro fit you turn our cramped 8 line system in to a spacious 7 line system which leads to less pinched lines and less lines to leave unhooked which can be potentially dragged on the ground, causing an unwanted road call and DOT violation".


Matt Richards

John D. Osborne Trucking

“Let me start by saying I have over 40 years of log hauling experience the last 12 as an owner operator. So Steve O'Neill knew I would be a good test subject
for his new 11 Pin design light cord plug in I agreed to test it and had no problems with it for a year. When the new beefed-up production model came out he gave me one and I am happy to say that it has been
trouble free for two plus years. Having the four extra pins allowed me to integrate my scale cord thus eliminating a separate plug in. My biggest gripe with the old style 7 pin plugs was constantly having to spread the pins for good contact making the unit
hard to plug in and remove. I haven't had to touch the O'Neill plug and it slides in smoothly and removes with little effort. I would highly recommend this product for its durability and extra wiring capacity and it's also designed to Interchange with a

7 pin plug’’.

Signed James J Johnson’